1. The time my best friend ran over her neighbor's cat.
    She knew she hit something, but asked me to see what it was on my way over. She had heard that her neighbor's kitten was missing and couldn't bear to go back and look. I saw the flattened animal, now hit many times, on my way over. I told her it was a tree branch and knew that I could never tell her the truth.
  2. The week I spent in France so worried that we would be pickpocketed that I missed out on being in the moment
  3. Advice I give to others but don't take myself
  4. The time my husband was in pain and because his mother was at our house and she was overly worried, I said he was being dramatic
  5. The indulgences of my life
    My expensive parking pass, my MFA, the times I'd rather read a book than take my dog for a walk, the times I lie to get out of going somewhere, the vacations I've taken while my brother works 60-hour weeks and hates his life