1. Does anyone ever really wake up in the morning feeling like P-Diddy?
    I have a lot of questions that stem from Ke$ha lyrics.
  2. Speaking of Ke$ha - why did she drop the $ from her name?
    I'm not doing it, she still $, and she knows it.
  3. Does the barista at Starbucks really give me 'non-fat' when I ask for it?
  4. Has Dr. Dre ever considered going back to school so that he can officially put Dr. on his checks?
    I feel like his life is a sham.
  5. Why are there so many strip clubs on Scottsdale Rd?
    Seriously. The sign waver with the 'NUDES' banner was a nice touch. Props for marketing.
  6. Hey, look! A Fascinations! Are these people deviants?
  7. But seriously, what happened to Ke$ha?
    I wish her well.