All over doesn't seem that impressive until you drive for five hours straight and you geographically haven't gone all that far for your effort.
  1. This is me, Amelia.
    I'm 32, I have two amazing dogs and one amazing and hard working husband.
  2. I love the San Jose Sharks
    25 years, finally on our way to the finals, this is a whole new thing for me. Also, this made the second spot on the list as I chose the most recent picture of me on my phone. I wore the outfit above during game 6 of the western conference finals. Sharks tshirt, sweatshirt, shark head.
  3. I LOVE my job!
    I've done a plethora of different things since graduating from college, but I am now doing my favorite thing...I am a Captain at Trader Joe's
  4. I LOVE hearing how much people LOVE Trader Joe's
    It never gets old.
  5. I have been lurking on this app for a while
    I love to people watch
  6. I collect artwork
    All kinds...I have everything from Seuss prints and stuff from friends to stuff I found at an art school in China. I love it all.
  7. Traveling is my jam!
    I want to go to all the places. So far I've visited Germany, France, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Peru, and China...constantly plotting my next move!
  8. I love to run
    I am rarely rested enough to do it. This is my constant burden.
  9. Not sure how to end this sooooo...
    A meme I enjoy.