We have a few tips to keep you safe and avoid home fires while making a magnificent feast for friends and/or family. Read more about fire safety and prevention here: http://rdcrss.org/TLA-TGiving
  1. Don't be shy with the "Off" switch.
    Frying bacon? Broiling the top of that delicious mac and cheese? Make sure to turn off the stove if you're stepping away even for a minute.
  2. Set a timer.
    We love Thanksgiving Day parades and football games on TV too! Make sure to check on your turkey or casserole regularly and use a timer to remind you that food is cooking.
  3. Create a safety zone.
    Things can get crazy in the kitchen during the holidays. Make sure that only pots and pans are on the stove. Keep anything that can catch on fire – like grandma's crocheted potholders, towels, plastic and clothes – away from the stove.
  4. Keep an eye on pets.
    Fido is used to grabbing a nibble off the counter? Frankie the Feline stalking your picture-perfect pumpkin pie? Prevent a fire by keeping pets away from countertops, cooking surfaces, and anything that could be knocked onto a burner.