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And why I'm too scared to actually tweet them
  1. Drink decaf coffee
    Why does this even exist??
  2. Take longer than 7 seconds to say your coffee order
    And 7 is generous
  3. Belittle someone's intelligence
    Especially (in whatever weird way you've justified it in your mind) for your benefit.
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  1. How do you justify using the threat of a corrupt government as a right to sell guns to literally anyone
  2. While simultaneously
  3. Remaining indifferent at the loss of life of your fellow man
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I'm 24 and this is the first vacation, in large form, that I paid my way for! Proud of myself for that one. Here are pics from the beautiful island of Oahu
  1. First drink of the trip
    A mai tai. Flower in hair stolen from drink
  2. A random page from a random book from Walmart
  3. I stepped foot on the same land as JEFF GOLDBLUM 😍
    God I love that man
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Days like today make that sound like a cruel joke, or a far off dream
  1. When I am not free to feel 100% safe in church
  2. School
  3. A movie theatre
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No matter how many times they're on repeat, they just give you that triumphant feeling you can't explain to anyone else but everyone understands bc music is so universal
  1. Kiss - Prince
  2. The Way You Make Me Feel - Michael Jackson
  3. Girl Put Your Records On - Corrine Bailey Rae
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Welcome you sweet, hilarious man @StephenAtHome
  1. In real life, Anna Kendrick stopped by his show once.
    Not to promote anything, just to hang. The life of a celeb, am I right?
  2. Upon acknowledging that she was there just to hang, as well as her background in musical theatre, he asks her if they could sing an off the cuff duet together
    *heart melts into a doe-eyed blob like 😍*
  3. Well I fell asleep right after watching said interview
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An ongoing list, I think.
  1. Eyebrow density
    I'm looking for a Zach Galifianakis tbh
  2. How much you're willing to let me pay on a date
    I have a paycheck I would probably like to use on your cute ass
  3. Fantasy filter (not what you think)
    If you can't talk to me about Harry Potter or Sailor Moon of Game of Thrones there are just so many conversations we won't be able to have
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  1. Olly's death
  2. UPDATE: post 5/8 episode -
  3. God bless Dan & Dave.
    And Jon Snow.
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