Requested by Brett 7


Thank you @BWN_7 for this welcomed trip down memory lane! 🐶🎾
  1. Hannah and I were planning our futures together one afternoon.
    We were probably in the 4th grade. We'd known each other since we were 5 and to this day she's my friend I've know the longest. She was to be an architect and I a veterinarian. We sat and brainstormed for the longest time about the building she was going to make me for my office and our future partnership.
  2. The office was (obviously) going to be in the shape of a dog with a tennis ball in his mouth, tail pointed high in the air, crouched and ready to pounce
    My office would be in the tennis ball. Like we drew this out and everything.
  3. The only obstacle we could foresee would be finding someone to operate on pet tarantulas
    Pets are pets, but I still don't understand why this is a thing, y'all!! Anyway, since I'd be in charge I would just hire someone for my team that loved spiders. Duh.
  4. Hannah would office right next door to the building she'd build me.
  5. Since we were best friends and I was to be a vet, money was no object!
    We envisioned going global with the practices, I'm sure.
  6. Our moms were so proud of us when they saw the schematics!
  7. Personally, and especially lately, I miss dreaming like this. Like a child.
    Now I almost exclusively see obstacles to my plans
  8. Not only do I miss dreaming without boundaries, I miss doing it with someone so loving and empowering and amazing
    She has never stopped being the sweetest girl on the planet and the truest friend ever
  9. Now I'm in Houston and she's in Dallas
    That's a 5 hour drive for the unfamiliar
  10. She works as a consultant in the community health field
    Oh also she's married lol
  11. And I work in a corporate office that is not a tennis ball
    And I am not married lol
  12. But when I need to, I remember the doggy building and I remember Hannah.
    To me, both encapsulate optimism, hope, and confidence.
  13. What my office would've looked like
    You can tell why she was the architect & I wasn't :)
  14. Edit: Texted Hannah. She remembers this perfectly.
  15. I forgot till she brought it up, but it came right after I scored my first basket in basketball!!!!!!!!!
    I knew I loved this day :')