Welcome you sweet, hilarious man @StephenAtHome
  1. In real life, Anna Kendrick stopped by his show once.
    Not to promote anything, just to hang. The life of a celeb, am I right?
  2. Upon acknowledging that she was there just to hang, as well as her background in musical theatre, he asks her if they could sing an off the cuff duet together
    *heart melts into a doe-eyed blob like 😍*
  3. Well I fell asleep right after watching said interview
  4. Long story short- I dreamt this happened to me
    I was Anna, Stephen was Stephen
  5. In the dream we sang Barbra Streisand's and Judy Garland's "Happy Days Are Here Again/Get Happy"
    https://youtu.be/Hf53oFb4IKA for reference IT IS MAGICAL Y'ALL :')
  6. Now this is a secret life goal of mine
    Less secret now, I suppose
  7. Make-Amy's-Dream-Come-True-2k16
  8. Giphy