And why I'm too scared to actually tweet them
  1. Static
    Self deprecation teetering the line of crying for help (which I'm absolutely not) Also there's a HIMYM reference I've been meaning to tie in.
  2. Static
    Proof the tweet before isn't a cry for help at all, just a funny-bc-it's-true joke. I have too many conservative friends that would object to my use of the middle finger emoji as well as "HYFR" but maybe one day I'll be brave enough!
  3. Static
    No wifi on the plane to Hawaii so this sat in my drafts for ~2 months. I barely remember it as I was drunk & also on anxiety meds bc I'm a shit flyer. But it's true, @bjnovak did assist in my survival!
  4. Static
    Then again maybe it shouldn't (in some cases) bc it's triggering. So I've refrained from pressing 'tweet'
  5. Static
    I saw him two weekends later and I think we avoided each other? To be fair he may not have actually seen me...
  6. Static
    I'm not a fisher of compliments and don't want anyone to interpret this as such. However it would be relatable so I'm work-shopping it
  7. Static
    See above. Also work-shopping this one. It's honestly my least favorite form of cardio but I have to keep up the facade that I am apathetic to like a totally cool and acceptable degree