A list I will text to my best friend as an argument for downloading this app and enjoying it with me. Here's why this is my favorite app to check daily.
  1. No family on here
    So I can curse without any DAMN condemnation!! I also am given an outlet to discuss topics both important and personal to me without any questions from my parents, their siblings, or anyone else in my gene pool. (I suspect my cousin will join The List App soon, but he's acceptable because he too will live-tweet interesting political battles at family gatherings while intoxicated) (<— also I can talk about being intoxicated without judgment)
  2. Celebrity interactions
    My first notification was from @bjnovak and I promptly texted my best friend about it so we could be in proper disbelief together. To have a genius writer acknowledge something you put effort into is a type of validation I'd never imagined receiving before. My heart totally Grinched and grew three sizes that day! A few days later all of my Disney channel dreams came when @Debby Ryan (actress/singer/director/producer/hair goals forever) responded to one of my comments. It's the little things :')
  3. Such positive vibes
    The bullies out there in cyber world are SO REAL. Sometimes you can't help but feel defeated even before you share something (especially as a woman.) What's different on this app is the content and its users. The content is interesting, succinct, smart, and enjoyable, its creators even more so. This online community is my favorite online community of all online communities ever.
  4. Challenges my writing process in a unique way
    The character limit mixed with the list format has been so influential in other forms of writing for me. I read a simple chart the other day about great writing (pictured) and I realized utilizing this app gives me a way to become a great, or at least honest, writer in this way. I always overstate or over-analyze or run on and on with my words and I know that type of writing is so draining to read, you know? You see, in my life, I've always had issues with character maximums. It's hard to conden
  5. This makes news consumption ideal on this platform
    I get the details that matter most about things I'm interested in. It's in a format that allots more characters than Twitter, so I'm getting breaking news with enough details to last me until (if ever) I have the time (motivation) to read full-on articles.
  6. The way I view my own experiences has shifted
    For the better. Without elaborating too much, I'd just like to thank @list for helping me to realize I shouldn't feel embarrassed or regretful for writing about my experiences or my thoughts. I have started to take myself more seriously and I like it. Maybe more and more of the lists stored in my notes on my phone will make it past my drafts on this app.
  7. I can relive winning the Hamilton lottery on this app without annoying the people I love in life.
    They are tired of hearing about the same crap. Or they are jealous. Or it's both who can be sure
  8. Giphy