Just a few pointers to get the most of your pics regardless of what phone you have. Most flagship phones today are better than most DSLR's from just s few years ago.
  1. Compose compose compose
    In the end, it's all about your composition. Make sure it's something interesting and an interesting way to show it.
  2. Change your height
    Sometimes just crouching down or holding your phone up over your regular line of site can make a difference. Give the viewer a new angle at a familiar item.
  3. Move the sun to the side
    The old rule of keeping the sun only at your back and in the face of the subject just leaves you with squinting eyes. Try moving so the sun is at 90 degrees to your subject and you can get some interesting shadows.
  4. Take advantage of Deep Focus
    Your cell phone has a very deep focus, meaning everything in the distance is in focus. So when you're taking pictures of people in front of landmarks, have the subject stand up close to the camera and place the landmark or view behind them and over their shoulder. This way you get a nice close up of their beautiful face and the deep focus keeps the background sharp.