1. Static
  2. This isn't peaceful.
  3. Wonder how many pages are left to this chapter...
  4. Why am I reading this. Fuck Hemingway. I wanted to read Faulkner. Why didn't I buy Faulkner.
  5. If the doctors are right, I've got about sixty days left to this cruel life.
  6. If no one was here I'd strip naked and stand in this fountain.
  7. Shit, was that a bird?
  8. I wonder what dying feels like.
  9. Fucking cat hair all over these slacks. I'm going to starve that whiskered devil.
  10. Should've brought my reading glasses.
  11. I wonder if I look slightly like Michael Caine from behind at the right angle.
  12. Yeah, these are the shoes. They'd better bury me in these shoes.
  13. Was that a rain drop?
  14. Ha, good one, Ed. You're sitting next to a waterfall. Really.
  15. This is peaceful.