Reasons I've Been Away from for Several Days Now

I really love this place, but I was just sort of not really feeling the whole social media thing this weekend.
  1. Sleeping
    I slept in every morning until at least 9. The desire to sloth was palpable.
  2. Kids
    I have two daughters, 11 and 8. They are my partners in crime. We had a school banquet Friday night, and we cleaned out hillbilly above ground pool all day Saturday.
  3. The Pool
    It was clean and full of rafts, so I floated a lot.
  4. Books
    I'm reading three books at once this month. Lots of reading.
  5. Napping
    Today we grilled out, well my husband did. Then I laid down on my patio furniture and napped.
  6. Terrible Movies
    Well, just one. San Andreas. So bad.
  7. Fck this is putting me to sleep.
    I think my funny fuse is broken. Later, taters.
  8. Oh, wait.
    I actually ironed clothes today. It confused my whole family. I even ironed pajamas. You have not lived until you've slept in some ironed pajamas.
  9. Uh oh.!
    Immediately after publishing this, my stomach started cramping up, almost like God was saying, "OK YOU WANT SOMETHING TO LIST ABOUT?" 💩👊