Things That I Will Always See in the KMart Parking Lot

This list will be fluid and constantly changing. Every time I go to Kmart, I say two things: "I'll never go there again" and "This place is gonna close down". I've been saying those things for 13 years now.
  1. Dirty diapers
    Always taped closed though, so there's a modicum of manners involved, I suppose. "I'm gonna throw this parcel full of human waste down on the ground, but first I'm gonna tape it closed so no one has to see the dooky".
  2. Strands of weave
    I'm sure that weave does fall out on its own, but my mind always goes to dark places, and the weave has come out because there's been a violent fistfight love triangle situation up in the Kmart lot.
  3. Beer cans
    Because folks will get their party on anywhere. Trust me, I'm a recovered alcoholic, I know.