Today has been less than stellar. You will understand why I've taken to my bed.
  1. Tropical Storm
    I live in Florida. That fact alone makes me want to stay in bed most days, but hurricane season is especially awful and stupid.
  2. Migraine
    I'm not sure if this is a migraine brought on by the aforementioned low pressure system, or just my monthly, hormonal, I'm-in-my-forties migraine, but I've had a migraine all day and as soon as I picked my kids up from school, I told them to have a snack and that I was going to rest because my head hurts.
  3. Then there was a GD tornado
    As soon as I got comfortable, every electronic device is this house started bellowing that a tornado was headed our way. So I walked outside and sure enough, the sky was green and shit was getting real. I told my kids to get in the bathtub, and then we huddled. It was loud and scary.
  4. So that was my Monday.
    I'm glad everyone is ok, but this day and I are so over. Send chocolate and pizza. Bye.