1. Do you think they have wine?
    Hmmm, really? We are ALL looking to make the flight a little more comfortable
  2. So sorry about your phone charger.
    We've all said/felt this
  3. She makes really beautiful arrangements for an incredibly small amount of money
    I'm going to question the flower quality here
  4. Are we on pacific time?
    Ahhh, the joys of not knowing what time zone you are in
  5. I'll trade you some m&m's for cookies
    Cookies win
  6. This plane looks weird.
    Probably should have kept that to herself
  7. We are a bit delayed with some maintenance issue. Should be okay, but I'll let you know.
    Pretty much exactly what you don't want to hear after the weird plane comment.
  8. Looks like we'll be changing aircrafts folks
    As much of a pain this is...I am grateful for the maintenance crew.
  9. Well folks, there's no other plane going to Nashville so we need to wait for maintenance to complete their repairs