The posters of boys covering my walls while growing up in the early 90s

  1. Mark Paul Gosslar
    There was this poster of Zach Morris himself on a red scooter at the Ames and I HAD to have it! I told my parents I didn't want anything else for Xmas when we were in the store and I knew they were doing xmas shopping that night so when we left and I didn't see it in the bags as I was loading the car I threw a serious shit fit for like a week. I did end up with the poster on Xmas morning and it was on my wall for a solid 2 years before I saw Terminator 2...... .
  2. Edward Furlong
    This was not a crush, this was an obsession. It was all about that messy skater haircut! I had a T2 sleeping bag with his face on it and a T2 John Connor action figure. But then he hooked up with his on set tutor who was like a hundred years older than him and I was like fuck him!!!
  3. Balthazar Getty
    Again the messy skater hair. I was constantly finding pics of him in magazines at the doctors and dentist office and I would always ripe them out and worry I was going to get busted for stealing a stupid page out of an out of date magazine that no one cared about
  4. Leonardo Dicaprio
    The messy skater hair had a serious hold on me and those eyes! I remember reading an article in Sassy magazine (note to list must be reasons I miss Sassy) where he said he didn't like the actress model type and prefered a more low maintenance down to earth kinda girl. That was a bunch of bullshit
  5. Luke Perry
    The only thing cuter than messy skater hair? Over styled James Dean hair with side burns!!!! Dylan McKay was the coolest!
  6. Kiefer Sutherland
    This one was pretty random. I started crushing on him when I was 11 after seeing him in Flatliners. He wore a gold chain in that movie so of course I "borrowed" a gold chain from my mom and wore it all through the 5th grade like a tacky love sick idiot