And counting...
  1. Mendocino Farms (WeHo)
    If anyone else has eaten more Spicy Lemongrass Steak Bahn Mi sandwiches than I have, I would love to meet you.
  2. Hoy-Ka (Sunset)
    Order the Hoy-Ka noodle soup with chicken and the egg roll appetizer. The pad ka prao and drunken noodles are also amazing, but that soup, you guys...
  3. Fat Sal's (Highland)
    Do it.
  4. The Carving Board (Sunset)
    People on Yelp were all, "Omg these cookies are bomb" and "best. cookies. ever." and I was like, "Ugh, hyperbole," but then I tried them, and they really are the best cookies of all time. I'd also recommend the grilled cheese and tomato soup.
  5. Sidewalk Grill (Los Feliz)
    Fabulous Mediterranean food.
  6. Home (Los Feliz)
    Adorable. Chicken Parmesan on point.
  7. Ricky's Fish Tacos (East Hollywood)
    The shrimp and fish tacos are both awesome.
  8. Tatsu Ramen (Melrose)
  9. La Número Uno (Vine)
    Usually, businesses that have to call themselves wonderful are anything but. However, their tacos and quesadillas are awesome and so cheap!
  10. Community (Los Feliz)
    I just found this place and have only been once, but I have confidence it belongs on this list.