1. A boy
    It was first grade and I had short hair. Kids are great, aren't they?
  2. A rabbit
    3rd grade with a slight overbite and disproportionately large front teeth.
  3. Michelle Trachtenberg
    This is the longest running. I used to hear that I looked like Harriet the Spy, then Ice Princess a decade later. Everyone from friends to strangers to my aunt and uncle.
  4. My sister
    Most people who know one of us and meet the other for the first time. I'm always the happiest to hear this one. 💕
  5. Alyson Hannigan
    When my hair was super red.
  6. A Disney Princess
    My eyes are large, my skin is pale, and I read books?
  7. Kate from LOST
    I adore Evangeline Lilly, but I think it was just my 2010 hair.
  8. Anna Kendrick
    "You look a lot like that girl from Pitch Perfect," a customer at my pharmacy told me. "Fat Amy," I thought knowingly, but asked, "Which one?" "The one with that song on the radio with the cups." Anna Kendrick. I think it's the teeth.
  9. Amy Adams
    "Has anyone ever told you that you look like Amy Adams?" a friend asked after seeing American Hustle. Only in my dreams. I can see the resemblance of the paleness and hair color, but I really think it's the teeth again.
  10. A prostitute
    "When can I get a date?" asked the random guy angrily as he walked by, assuming he'd be rejected by even this semi-attractive hooker. All I did was wear a skirt and get into my husband's car.
  11. A vampire
    This past weekend because my pupils are unusually large we were at a place with a blacklight. Sorry, no vampire picture. My eye is a weird color here because my contact lens absorbed yellow eye drops.