I decided it was smarter than probably sleeping through my alarm, and I have an important appointment so, so very early.
  1. 11:15 pm - Home from work. Not even remotely tired.. this is going to be great!
  2. 12:00 am - There was a new Game of Thrones! Oh hells yeah...
    No Arya this week?! Argh!
  3. 1:00 am - Wanna watch the new Last Man on Earth? Yeah.. but wanna do it first?
  4. 2:37 am - Alright! Little sleepy now, but damn!+ Last Man on Earth time!
  5. 3:00 am - Coffee? Coffee...
  6. 3:30 am - Oh we forgot to watch Saturday Night Live!
  7. 4:30 am - 1 hour until I have to go. Sleepy now... also feel like I don't have time to get ready (even though I've had all night.)
    I'm so bad at life.
  8. 4:43 am - Still have to get ready. Fuck. Going to procrastinate a little more until I absolutely have to move my ass.