1. Today was a rare no dr or other appointment day so me and the Momma where going to make pancakes!
  2. Woke up to NO FREAKING POWER!!! And side note- it was snowing. Not the reason for power outage but fun fact because we really haven't gotten snow this year.
  3. Today was also going to be shower and do laundry day. As well as re-dye my hair day.
  4. Ok well I did a bit of crocheting and took a nap. What else is there to do with no power?!
  5. Power came back on when I woke up! Yay, I can do my wash!!
  6. And the power is back out.....
  7. Ok that's it! I'm going out for tacos and margaritas!
    Hopefully there is power when we get home!