My zoo adventures

  1. This is scoot-scoot
    An amazing soul gifted it to me and it has been a life changer! So much freedom! Also I had to deck it out.
  2. First off there was this free-range snake just trying to cross the path. And hopefully go find some mice to eat.
  3. The pandas where our and active!! This is Bau Bau he is a BIG deal in DC.
    I have been to the zoo many times and this is the FIRST time I saw the pandas out and about doing things!!!!!
  4. Our elephants! ❤️❤️❤️
    Though we did have to kick out our hippos to make more space for the elephants... I'm still a bit bitter about this.
  5. Cute little red monkeys.
  6. This lemur buddy was passed out. Not that exciting. But still really fluffy!
  7. Lunch break. There might be wine in those containers...
    Can't believe how beautiful and warm it was for October!!
  8. Back to the animals. This is "Papa" the orangutan. He just fathered a baby.
  9. Momma and new baby Redd!! The baby is 5 weeks old and so cute and tiny!!
  10. The lioness were out and about doing lion things.
  11. The seals just wanted to pose for photos.
  12. We were the only ones down by the seals. The seal was very interested in Scoot-Scoot and were following me back and forth.
    It was magical! Possibly one of the highlights of my life!
  13. Than Scoot-Scoot betrayed me! It stopped working and stranded us half way down the hill. Our zoo is built on a massive hill and Scoot-Scoot just did not have the power to make it back up the hill.
    A few panic attacks latter we were finally rescued by zoo employees. They brought me a scooter to ride to the bottom of a hill, put mine in neutral and walked it down the hill.