I live in chronic pain and am having a bad flare. I am cranky right now (mostly at my body) so here is a list of other things that I am cranky at.
  1. That I was too short to become a rockette.
    They are still so glamorous to me and my favorite part of the NYC Thanksgiving parade.
  2. I am not Katy Perry.
    Nor am I her close friend. (I promise I am not always cranky)
  3. They don't make adult onesies for the summer.
    Why are they all fleece? I would love to rock one but its 100* outside.
  4. I am too full for a milkshake
    Damn you nice healthy tasty dinner!!
  5. I don't have a dog to cuddle with.
  6. I am caught up on all my favorite shows.
    Finding new things to binge on is tiring.
  7. My closet is sadly not full of everything from Anthropology.
  8. I am not at the beach or at Disney.
    Why is life so unfair?
  9. My iced coffee is done.