2 years ago I got a spinal cord stimulator implanted to help with my chronic pain. That means I have a decent size battery in my back that is connected to two thick wires that are screwed into a small paddle in my spine.
  1. MRIs
    The only thing I am actually prohibited from
  2. Be in a human pyramid
  3. Yoga
  4. Intense backpacking
  5. Be a gymnast
  6. Be an aerialist
  7. A weight lifter
  8. Basically all the cool things in the olympics
  9. Dive below 1 atmosphere
    Just got PADI certified before all this
  10. Anything where falling on your back is a possibility
  11. Travel anywhere without reliable access to electricity
    I have remote that controls the stimulation- that needs to be changed. Also the internal battery is charged by an external battery that I have to wear on a belt. This happens often.
  12. Wear a corset
  13. Long bumpy car trips
  14. Give piggyback rides