The Best Of Nini Bear (Part 1)

Nini Bear, or Gominee is a fan-produced plush toy inspired by Korean boyband EXO's Kai. I save way too many photos of Nini Bear ❤️ (The photos below are not mine [unless indicated] and was saved from various Twitter accounts of EXO-L and Kai stans! Let me know if you're the owner of the photo/s below so I can give you proper credit!)
  1. Bumble bee cape + flower crown cosplay
  2. Holding court with Nininis (another plushie creature inspired by Kai)
  3. Group shot with buds Dyopig and can anyone tell me the name of the D.O-inspired plushie on the left?
  4. Sometimes fans style and pose their Nini Bears based on specific pics of Kai
  5. this one
  6. And this one
  7. Cute 😊
  8. Nini Bear in a tutu
  9. ...just because
  10. Fans also make comic strips/short films starring Nini Bear
  11. Sometimes he has a day job. This series was inspired by Kai's web drama,"Choco Bank"
  12. Nini Bear's coffee shop.
  13. His cute little apron 😆
  14. Nini Bear made this himself kekeke
  15. Nini Bear keeping warm
  16. Peasant Nini Bear
  17. Nini Bear in a duffle coat
  18. Christmas Nini Bear (w/ Ninini)
  19. My own Nini Bear doesn't have clothes because it's too warm where he lives 😊