1. I don't want to let myself get a crush on any of the boys that I talk to, only because I already know they don't like me back
  2. I already have a crush on one of those boys
  3. I like country music sometimes
  4. My friends can be shitty
  5. I'm the most put together friend
    This scares me because I don't have it together at all
  6. People that you look up to can be wrong
  7. I am 100% single
  8. I don't know what exactly I'm doing with my career now that I dropped out
  9. I'm still terrified of driving
  10. He isn't into me
  11. I'm not really into Him, it's just nice and he's cute, and if this world was fair it would be perfect
  12. I miss laying in my neighbors bed for hours
  13. I've never watched Pulp Fiction and I don't care to
  14. I think art is stupid half the time
  15. I worry that I'm overselling my photography
  16. I worry that I'm underselling my photography
  17. I don't know how to spell my horoscope sign