1. A reminder that summer babies are people too.
    Shout out to the grade school teachers who knew birthday recognition is important, especially for those kids whose birthday was usually the first day of school.
  2. Based on current relationship status, can confidently accept that I will not be married at 32, nor have a child.
  3. 6 months to achieve other adult-ish goals.
    Writing a book is still on the table.
  4. Have 6 months to network my way into finding someone to get me into Club 33 at Disneyland.
    Because I like to match and Club 33 for my 33rd is duh.
  5. Must start deciding at what point I will say I'm in my mid-30s.
  6. Time to start contemplating what I will accomplish in my "Jesus Year."
    While also cringing this is even a thing.
  7. 184 days left, 184 bottles of beer on the wall.