1. You wanted this? Funny, It's in my hands and I have cash!
  2. Why have bed frames and no mattresses? ( Because used matttresses are gross, and the state declared them biohazards!!!)
  3. I love the thing in her hands. Can you order me one? (We are a CONSIGNMENT shop!)
  4. I NEED exactly what she has in her hands. See if she'd like something else so I can have it.
  5. You discount things all the time. Why do I have to pay full price???
  6. Why won't you take the stuff from my yard sale that didn't sell???
  7. Why do I have to go to the clothing store to get clothes? (It's all that branch sells!)
  8. I need pet stuff. Where's the pet department? (We are called "FURNITURE store"!)
  9. I brought my grandkids to go thru the toys you had here. Why did you move them to the kids store???
  10. Aren't air conditioners furniture???
  11. I got the dog and cat poop off the pillows so they don't smell now.
  12. Is the cash register you are using for sale?