Quick wedding for under $3000

My daughter's getting married Oct 9, and she's put together a wedding for 100 for under $3,000!
  1. 1. Check with the local Parks and Recreation Center n select a site. Many are free!
  2. 2. Buy a friend's wedding dress for $100; take to local HS home economics dept and have them alter it for you!
  3. 3. Select chicken salad as an entree!
  4. 4. Get a pretty sm round cake from a local grocery, and have them decorate it for you as your cake.
  5. 5. Cupcakes for everyone else!
  6. Pick flower arrangements from Pinterest.
  7. Get vases, bottles, etc for flowers from yard sales, consignment stores, n flea markets.
  8. Twigs and Pine cones for decorations and to go with flowers!
  9. Hair done by a local beauty school.
  10. Check EBay for head pieces.
  11. Guys wear beige pants n white shirts. Ties can vary.
  12. Pick a color. Brides maids can wear any dress they have in that color.
  13. Vistaprint for invitations! Or calligraphy 1 invite and copy!
  14. Everyone has cell phones with cameras. Ask attendees to take the pics n share them with you. Then use "Free Prints" to make a book!
  15. Relax n enjoy your day!