Knee surgery recovery thoughts

I went through my second knee reconstruction surgery about 10 days ago and I'm mostly immobile and unable to drive. These are some of my daily thoughts throughout recovery.
  1. Do I have to pee bad enough to warrant getting up?
  2. Is my walker "bitchin" enough to take out in public?
  3. Do I want to spend today on my couch or in my bed?
  4. How many cinema podcasts can I watch today?
  5. I wonder if I can train my cats to respond to a bell to bring me snacks...
  6. Should I take a second Percocet? Answer is always yes (I'm not going anywhere, fuck it).
  7. Why doesn't post mates deliver to my house?
  8. Will I post a graphic photo of the scar or one of me in bed to my Instagram? The options are endless...
  9. You have to wake up in order to take a nap.