Episode IV: part one
  1. Are mini-horses a breed of horse or are they just horses with dwarfism?
    Hear me out... So could a mustang or a bronco (also, these could be confused for cars and/or football teams) be a mini horse if it had dwarfism or are you just born mini?
  2. Do animals in other countries have internal monologues with the accent/language of that country?
    I would assume a cow in the south of Spain grazes to the tune of its own thoughts in the Spanish language. Or! Even better... It moo's with a Spanish accent.
  3. I hope Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is as nice as he seems in the media
    Honestly, it would be devastating to find out he's anything but the nicest person.
  4. Does the pen-pal that I stopped writing to in the second grade think that I forgot about him? Is he still waiting for a reply?
    I'm sorry, Raul! I was 7 and had a very short attention span. If you're reading this, I'm fine, how are you?
  5. (More animal theories) Do my cats miss me when I'm gone?
    I'm honestly not sure if they think I'm anything but the feeder and petter. "Hello humanoid. I hadn't noticed you were gone. Use those fleshy paws to pour food into my royal dish and pet my posterior... I plot your death while you sleep." - Walter the cat: keeper of the stairs//destroyer of worlds