Hi, I'm Andrea and this is my first list! Here's what makes me happy, in no particular order.
  1. Our new house! We moved in this past February and have been working on decorating and cleaning up the backyard. Once it's done it will be amazing.
  2. My cats. I'm an animal lover and my two cats, Olivia and Mischa, are my children. They are very spoiled. I never thought I would be a crazy cat lady, but it happened and I'm ok with it.
  3. Television. I'm a tv addict. Need a new show suggestion? Ask me. Some of my favorites include The Walking Dead, Games of Thrones, and Orphan Black.
  4. Good pizza. Enough said. Other food too, but pizza is the way to my heart.
  5. Online shopping. I may or may not have a problem. In my defense, it's warm and I need/want new clothes and we need stuff for the new house.
  6. My fiancé, Colin. He can be such a fool sometimes, but he's great. We did some demo in the backyard yesterday and he wore a hazmat suit, which scared the shit out of our cat Olivia. This is him trying to track her down for a hug. She was not into it.
  7. Stephen Colbert. I love him and his sense of humor.
  8. A clean house. Once I'm done with this list I have to start cleaning the house. Not always a fun task, but I'm always happy with the result.
  9. Naps on a lazy Sunday.