As defined by Giphy
  1. Yup
    Makes a whole lot of sense
  2. Giphy
    I feel like this is some kind of Palm reading, autosuggestion by Giphy... Again makes sense
  3. Added my Twitter Handle
    Looks like I took a psychedelic another sense maker
  4. Wth Rihanna???
    I have no idea why Rihanna shows up... But she's a bad muther shit your mouth....🎶Mama ....
  5. hahaha
    There's levels to the levels... This is definitely something I would say and people look at me like 😳
  6. Me when I don't like you and you do any of the following
    Breathe, speak, sing, dance, humm, have an opinion, ask to go to the restroom, imagine we are friends you tho'
  7. IG
    Looks like my Instagram profile. At least I'm an honest millennial
  8. Bible Names
    My mom said she named me after someone in the Bible. Clearly not the one