Everything that's bringing me joy or I can't get enough of this month.
  1. My dog's reaction to her new toy
    It's a pig that makes noise. She thinks it's a puppy. She's super jealous.
  2. Anthony's car wash
    Full service car wash for $20. My least favorite part about washing my car is having to vacuum it and when it leaves water marks all over it, but they'll vacuum and dry it off.
  3. Colourpop's fall look book
    All their fall colors are named after stuff from the 90s. Like Central Perk and Nevermind.
  4. Dark lipstick
    Last year I was Lorde for Halloween and wore dark dark lipstick and talk about a life changer. During the cold months that's all I wore. And now that it's October, I can break them out. My current faves are Wet N Wild Photobomb and Nightcap.
  5. James Bond nail polish
    I'm super pumped about Spectre. So I dug out the OPI Bond collection. Skyfall has been the color of the week. Live and Let Die before Saturday. Can't wear red on game day.
  6. Supergirl
    I saw the leaked pilot this summer and I've been counting down the days. She's the feminist hero we need right now. Calista Flockhart's character? 🙌🏼
  7. Jane the Virgin
    I just marathoned the series last week. The narrator, the Villanueva family dynamic, Rogelio, and Mateo. 😍 #teamRafeal
  8. Dave Grohl
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    This has been going on since early September actually. Sonic Highways? Watched it. Sobbed in the Seattle episode. Nirvana and Foo Fighters greatest hits on repeat. Watched every video of everlong acoustic because my brain couldn't comprehend that it's actually Grohl singing. He designed his playing throne after he broke his leg. And I want this to the focal point of my future gallery wall.
  9. Nathaniel Ratliff and the Night Sweats
    70s style music to go with the 70s era clothing vibe we got going.
  10. Undisclosed and Truth and Justice
    These podcasts continue following the murder case of Hae Min Lee that everyone obsessed over in Serial. Undisclosed by is 3 lawyers and they've broken down how poor a job the state and Baltimore did investigating this case. In fact they got me feeling bad for Jay. Truth and Justice started as Serial Dynasty and a way for people to discuss theories but now Bob and listeners are trying to figure out what actually happened to Hae.
  11. Limetown
    A fictional podcast that is told like Serial. It's about town in Tennessee where everyone disappeared and the journalist trying to find out what happened. There's 3 parts so far and episode 3 was a doozy.
  12. Quantico
    Sexy sudsy thriller about an FBI agent being framed for terrorism. Gimme gimme. Totes think Simon did it.
  13. Sexy getting ready song
    Song from Crazy Ex Girlfriend that shows the torture women go through to look attractive. With added bonus rapper who says he's been changed forever and all that is a bunch of patriarchal bull💩.
  14. No heat curls
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    For curls where you don't have to worry about burning yourself - take an elastic headband and wrap yo hair around it. Wait hours then remove. Wet hair or dry hair. You got long hair? Double up on the headbands. Hard to tell in the picture, but my hair was on point.
  15. Hamilton
    A hip hop musical? Lin-Manuel Miranda is a genius and I can't believe I resisted for so long.
  16. Boots
    To me boots season is from October to early March. I already have brown riding boots, brown lace up boots, black booties, and grey over the knee boots but I want more.
  17. Covering the Bases
    A fashion and travel blog of a girl in NYC with an impossibly fun sounding job and a completely drool worthy closet. Basically she's living the life I'd always imagined post college life for myself.
  18. The Chase
    How NASCAR decides it's champion for the Cup series. Round 2 ends this weekend and the past 5 races have already been intense. No Jimmie in round two (thanks for busting my bracket man) and Joey moving Kenseth out the way last weekend. I can't wait for Homestead, yet it can also take its sweet ass time getting here.
  19. Refinery 29s discover snap
    I love Refinery 29, but I don't love their website layout. Enter: their snapchat discover story. I still get my fix, just in easy to digest bits.
  20. 25 finally has a release date
    Adele announced that 25 is gonna be released November 20th. Shut up and take my money. Love you!