I got a lot of hair.
  1. Air dry it.
    No gel no nothing. It does what it wants and I accept it, mainly because I'm usually running behind.
  2. Ponytail
    For when I can't stand what my hair decided to do that day.
  3. Top knot
    I either really can't stand what my hair did that day OR I'm trying to look sophisticated or show off earrings.
  4. One chunk pulled back
    Usually my front layers that my hair dresser would call bangs and I call annoying.
  5. French braid the front
    Usually because I felt like braiding and my hair was pissing me off
  6. Crown braid
    Get all my hair up and sometimes hide my roots. Only if I have a long time to complete though.
  7. Wrap my hair around an elastic headband
    Bonus cute curls when I take it down.
  8. Fishtail braid
    Pretty much my hairstyle for finals in college.
  9. Pigtails
    It kills me that pigtails are childish because I love them. I need to borrow a toddler and make it look like she made me do it.