Since I'm in my late mid-20s I need to get a better grip on this whole adulting thing.
  1. Not falling asleep with my contacts in
  2. Moisturizing
  3. Eating more greens
  4. Nighttime yoga
  5. Waking up earlier
  6. Talking to loved ones more
  7. Reading more news
  8. No more Mountain Dew, more water
  9. Walking
  10. Reading more scriptures
  11. Leaving comments on posts I actually like or like them
  12. Don't leave trash in my car
  13. Planking
  14. Checking my bank statement more
  15. Folding laundry
  16. Writing cover letters
  17. Go to sleep earlier
  18. Actually using what I buy
  19. Morning yoga
  20. Putting effort into my hair
  21. Makeup