I love scary movies. I usually laugh at them. I even took a whole class about them. These still freak the 💩 outta me.
  1. The Brood
    A movie where a mother births these creepy demented children whenever she's angry and they live out in the woods and the anger toddlers kill people. Those things were so weird I had a hard time sleeping.
  2. Hostel
    This movie is straight up torture porn. We watched it in class and I was so freaked out I tried to leave my friend blocked me in since it was for a grade. It is never necessary to show an eye ball dangling by a nerve getting cut off. 🙊🙊🙊
  3. Insidious
    I love this movie because it actually scares me. It's one of the few I own. The first time I watched it, my hands shook for hours after which made trying to drive and eat dinner almost impossible. I don't actually watch my copy, because there's a grandfather clock in my house. No thanks.
  4. The Conjuring
    Annabelle? Ack! And it's based on a true story! The dog dies! My grandma's porcelain dolls were everywhere when I got home. Then I googled the house. Which meant no sleep!
  5. Exorcist III or II (I don't remember which)
    A priest is talking to a prisoner who is possessed and the demon makes the priest fly up to the ceiling where his skull peels off when he falls leaving his brain exposed. I had just sat down with a bowl of popcorn. Needless to say the popcorn wound up on the floor and I took the stairs two at a time to get away.
  6. Paranormal Activity (only the first time)
    I hadn't watched this but we were in class so I decided to watch so I wouldn't make a fool of myself. I watched it at about 11pm… on my laptop…that had a tendency to overheat…usually during the music cues. In class the stoner guy, was freaking out to start and then the kept kicking the seat beside him to freak him out more, so I giggled the whole time.
  7. House of 1000 Corpses
    I watched this pretty much every other day for a month in high school. That's how much I liked it. But Captain Spaulding? Still creepy as sin. I was a bar last year and the owner was dressed as him and won his own contest for creepiest. Then I bonded with a guy over our mutual dislike.