My station airs Cheaters. So I've seen a lot of Cheaters
  1. Yo Quiero Taco Bell
    When the Cheaters crew came blazing into Taco Bell the guy ended up falling off the chair that was attached to the table and knocking his meal all over himself
  2. Why Johnny Why??
    A girl's artist boyfriend was getting it on with his nude model. During the confrontation, she wrecks his studio - that she payed for mind you - screaming "WHY JOHNNY WHY" Which is something I quote constantly
  3. I Do, but I'm Doing Her
    The girl who called Cheaters turned out to be the side piece and the confrontation was at the guy's wedding right before the vows. The poor bride was sobbing in the corner while the side piece and cheater were yelling at each other. But she should be grateful, now she doesn't have to go through an expensive inevitable divorce.
  4. That's Not Really Your Name
    The current host is Clark Gable. As in his grandpa is THE Clark Gable. However out of respect for the Gone With the Wind actor, I refer to him as not-Clark Gable. Only one guy has ever recognized the name when not-Clark Gable has introduced himself and declared "That's not really your name." You may be a cheater sir, but you are a hero.
  5. I Have All These Feelings!
    A guy called Cheaters on his boyfriend only to find out that the boyfriend has a pregnant wife. During the confrontation, when the wife is freaking out, the man is screaming "I have all these feelings inside and I don't know what to do with!" When she leaves, he falls to the ground crying in the fetal position and the camera is in his face.
  6. Unsurprise Me
    During the confrontation, the victim reveals she had known all along that he was cheating! She just didn't know who with. The confrontation was also during Thanksgiving dinner.
  7. Started from the Top and Now She's Where?
    The cheater was married to a preppy engineer, but decided to cheat with crunchy granola type hippie or so you thought! Turns out he lives in a dumpster. I believe it was behind a Hardee's. The episode ended with her planning on moving into the dumpster.
  8. Arresting Development
    The victim started smacking her cheating boyfriend around so much the cops were called. She got arrested and Cheaters had to bail her out the next day.
  9. Dip Baby Dip
    After discovering that her boyfriend was sleeping with her best friend, the victim shoved him into a water feature. Simple efficient justice.
  10. Michael Meyers
    When the Cheaters crew won't leave his house, the suspect grabs a chainsaw and turns it on. Terrifying for the crew enthralling to watch.
  11. Raise the Roof
    After his cousin finds out that he's been sleeping with the girlfriend, the companion climbs on top of the roof to escape him. The cousin retaliates by moving the ladder.
  12. Stealing More Than Just Your Man
    The confrontation was in a sex shop of all places and the companion was trying on a bra or corset and while the victim and suspect were fighting, the lady tried to leave still wearing unpaid for merchandise
  13. Mr. Big-amy
    The guy was married or engaged to the victim and when they confronted him, he was in the process of proposing to the side piece - who didn't know she was the side piece