1. Pumpkin Spice Lattes
    Pumpkin anything really. I just don't get it
  2. Actually just coffee in general
    It's bitter and gross. Not to mention it smells atrocious. And coffee breath don't even get me started.
  3. Woody Allen
    He left his wife for her adoptive daughter and has been accused of assaulting another one of Mia Farrow's kids. And all his movies are about the adventures of a neurotic character who's unlucky in love. No thanks.
  4. Family Guy
    The Griffins are all super mean to Meg. Like unnecessarily so. And the jokes aren't that funny to me.
  5. Big Bang Theory
    All the jokes are the same. Penny I smart you dumb. My spot!
  6. Street harassment
    What are you trying to accomplish sir? Do you think having your hands down your pants while saying obscene things is gonna make me fall in love with you? Because it won't.
  7. Basketball shoe squeaks
    After 5 minutes I get a headache and have to turn the channel.
  8. Kurt Busch
    He has a restraining order against him by his ex girl friend. He wasn't charged with domestic violence but that doesn't mean he didn't do it, that just means there wasn't enough evidence.
  9. Alabama
    From Nick Saban their elfin head coach to their boring games which cause them to be over ranked to their boorish fans who DIDN'T ACTUALLY GO THERE.
  10. Age of Ultron
    It didn't make any sense. There shoulda been another movie to bridge the gap between Iron Man 3/Winter Soldier and the start of this. Or at least a comic. Who's giving them orders. Where do they get their intel? Then surprise Hawkeye has a family! Natasha and Bruce's characters are destroyed. Quicksilver was killed in a way that shouldn't have been possible. No Pepper. No Jane. In a nutshell it's horrible.
  11. Baseball
    The pitches are fast but nothing else is.
  12. Cold weather
    Temperate climates. I was made for temperate climates baby. Give me 70° F or give me death.
  13. How I Met Your Mother Finale
    Robin and Barney get divorced! You don't know the name of Marshall and Lily's 3rd kid. Tracy dies! Ted's kids are assholes. Ted and Robin hook back up? Gross. Barney has a kid? Tracy Dies! Tracy McConnell and Cristin Milioti deserve better.