1. Fart
  2. Pooing
  3. Possibly hold things (like a pen or feather pen)
  4. Wear underwear
  5. Diarhea
  6. Make you happy if you love them
  7. Move/dance
  8. Grow hair to varying degrees
  9. Link legs to a back
  10. Ride a traincar
  11. Accept money
  12. Silently/quietly fart
  13. Feel sore from hulahooping with my step dad
  14. Fart into megaphone for college prankz
  15. Wear glasses and moustache where the b-hole is now mouth and the fart is a cough (for laughs w/ co-workers)
  16. Make you sad if it's your mom/dad's/step dad's and you see it by accident on vacation
  17. Help you sit