Halloween started a day where you get sick of eating tons of candy and getting scared to death that's horrible isn't well I'm here tell you my Halloween story when I was younger. Also Happy Halloween everybody I hope your having a great day now lets continue with the story.
  1. So when I was 8 or 7 I was in my living room until I heard strange noises like scratching or something so I was only 7 I'm scared to death at that time because I'm a child so I went to discover the strange noises so in my mind I said to my self should i get the knife or run for my life and guess what happens.... Ok I'll tell ya I grabbed the knife.
  2. My heart was beating like crazy i almost fainted luckily I survived and I went downstairs and ahhhhhhhhhh I GOT SCARED!!!!!!! It was my brother he was wearing a hockey mask with a fake machete I thought it was real because I was 7 I almost died of horror it was really scary your not scared because I'm the one telling the story so he was like got ya
  3. I was like what and then he took off the mask and told me that is was a prank I was like OMG but I told him how did you have the machete he told me was fake I didn't even know so then the day passed and here I am.
  4. Thanks for reading my story I'll make more in the future. I hope this inspired you to make story's like this.