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  1. Egypt through North Africa and Spain to Paris
  2. Chile, Argentina, and the Patagonia
  3. Rocky Mountains up to Alberta
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  1. "My life is a joke"
  2. "My life is a fucking joke"
  1. Smelly Cat is still stuck in my head at all times
  2. I still hear about all his weird dreams
  3. I still eat Velvet a lot
  1. There's not an unlimited supply of rice
  2. I haven't watched any Friends
  3. No grill chee
I am thankful for...
  1. My family
  2. My dogs
  3. Bob Stoops
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I asked my dad to rank the Star Wars series and he had some hot takes
  1. 1.
    Star Wars IV: A New Hope "Man, when that came out, it was bigger than life. Graphics-wise it looks like nothing compared to the second trilogy, but it was kick-ass"
  2. 2.
    Star Wars I: A Phantom Menace "to reboot the whole thing and still make a good movie with new characters is hard and I really enjoyed it"
  3. 3.
    Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back "to follow up the biggest movie ever and still make it good is hard. It's like Boston II- no one though it could be as good but it was. I guess I'd say that about Led Zeppelin II as well"
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@dasbet has had her identity lost by the government, but the real problem is what is her real name?
  1. Betsy
  2. بتسي
  3. Bet C
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A descriptive list of how my roommate dances with accompanying screenshots
  1. His first dance move is a simple head turn back and forth. This is before he gets the urge to really go after it but it's a sign of things to come
  2. Next is a little more active move. He continues the head turn but adds a wrist spinning motion kind of like a flickadawrist but not quite so dramatic
  3. His most valuable move is a sideways finger wag. He's not pointing at you but parallel to his body, and shaking his finger up and down. He claims to have gotten the move from Nicolas Cage
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Suggestions welcome
  1. High school football coach, cause I like whistles and yelling a lot
  2. An overly enthusiastic waiter at a restaurant past its prime, like the old Campisi's on Mockingbird
  3. Dog breeder
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  1. Matt Roland because Trump is the only person with his foot in his mouth more often than hin
  2. Betsy really appreciates a good chaotic political candidate and she's from Iowa, so she's probably witnessing Trump's money bombs all Thanksgiving. I think it's likely she'll vote Trump in the primary just to have something to tweet about
  3. Omar because he probably thinks he's "badass" for all of his money
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