A descriptive list of how my roommate dances with accompanying screenshots
  1. His first dance move is a simple head turn back and forth. This is before he gets the urge to really go after it but it's a sign of things to come
  2. Next is a little more active move. He continues the head turn but adds a wrist spinning motion kind of like a flickadawrist but not quite so dramatic
  3. His most valuable move is a sideways finger wag. He's not pointing at you but parallel to his body, and shaking his finger up and down. He claims to have gotten the move from Nicolas Cage
  4. After that often come this large swinging arm motion that usually accompanies some pointing. Very similar to Saturday Night Fever though he's no John Travolta
  5. Another integral component to his dance repertoire is hip shaking. He does this all the time, usually while cooking
  6. The hip shaking turns into something much, much more pronounced the longer he goes for
  7. And then there moments that can't be understood
  8. .
  9. .
  10. What does this all mean? Who knows why @bromar does what he does