1. Matt Roland because Trump is the only person with his foot in his mouth more often than hin
  2. Betsy really appreciates a good chaotic political candidate and she's from Iowa, so she's probably witnessing Trump's money bombs all Thanksgiving. I think it's likely she'll vote Trump in the primary just to have something to tweet about
  3. Omar because he probably thinks he's "badass" for all of his money
  4. Jarett if Ted Cruz drops out
  5. Rilee because Trump will open a government run FanDuel
  6. Matt Borchelt will for the memes
  7. Logan if he bothered to vote. All trump has to do is fire Spav and Logan will volunteer all the way up to election day
  8. Mojo will because if you wear a Columbia PFG shirt in high school you're already a lost cause
  9. Nemo will probably just press the wrong thing in the voting booth