1. @djowers is a chocolate lab. This one was easy, he's everything you want in a dog- loyal, good-natured, and loves tennis balls
  2. Alex is a show dog, it doesn't matter what breed. He's a fine-tuned machine who wants to be seen
  3. @cambonutz69 is a German Shepherd. A killing machine with a nose for mischief
  4. Chase is obviously a Jack Russell Terrier. The pack leader of an obscenely large herd of Jack Russells
  5. Omar is a cat. Not really any particular kind, just a smelly cat
  6. I'm obviously a corgi. Energetic and overly-enthusiastic. The only hard part about this was picking which corgi picture to use
  7. @LordBedo is a Shar Pei. Tubby and cute, they rarely move much
  8. Lastly, @logeybear is a Shih Tzu. Not accustomed to the outdoors, they are adorable but reclusive