Suggestions welcome
  1. High school football coach, cause I like whistles and yelling a lot
  2. An overly enthusiastic waiter at a restaurant past its prime, like the old Campisi's on Mockingbird
  3. Dog breeder
  4. Whatever retired child actors do
  5. Guy who yells at people for parking in front of a bank but don't go inside
  6. Animal dentist
  7. Tour guide for the Dr Pepper museum or other museum of minimal merit
  8. Park ranger, but not at one with lots of fires (sorry California parks)
  9. Sous chef for the Canadian Gordon Ramsey
  10. Uber driver that keeps people's things and calls them to meet and return the items to feel less lonely
  11. The person at Chipotle who just makes rice
  12. Do whatever the hell @cambonutz69 and @infamouserikb do all day
  13. Keep the secret formula to Coke a secret
  14. The person that cuts potatoes into fries at mooyah burger.
    Suggested by   @cambonutz69
  15. Full-time Furry
    Suggested by   @fannypackm
  16. Post-presidency president