From worst to first, count from the bottom up the proper way just like the Ainglish do!😜
  1. Halloween 2 (Rob Zombie)
    Wow. What the...?
  2. Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers
    Truly cursed. For all time.
  3. Halloween (Rob Zombie)
    I truly am sorry Mr. Zombie (if that is your real name!) 😜
  4. Halloween 5: the something something of Michael Myers
  5. Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers
    Okay. We're getting there now. Gaining some steam. Local hillbillies liquored up standing up in the bed of a moving truck with shotguns. I live in Illinois. This is the most realistic aspect of the entire Halloween series!
  6. Halloween II
    A dark, deserted hospital (not really plausible, we eat a lot of sausage here for some reason and spend a disproportionate amount of time in hospitals). Bonus points for Jamie Lee and the last starfighter.
  7. Halloween III: Season of the Witch
    Aka the one without Mikey. So much better than you remember. The "what could have been" of the series. Truly creepy. Actually disturbing plot in a great way. Poster still looks awesome on a paperback cover elongated figures and a menacing feel.
  8. Halloween H20
    JLC is back in all her badassness. The cast of the WB providing a target rich environment. Sleek, stylized and economical. Hitting all the right marks. Good stuff indeed.
  9. Halloween
    Predictable? Maybe. It's the master class for a reason though. Great little stuff all over. The Thing on the tv...long shots of the shape, the quizzical cock of a head. Not good stuff. Great stuff. The one to watch on "that night" every year. Thanks John
  10. No. No I did not miss any of the one that shall not be named. She cut his head off. No take backsies. You are not canon and she did not die. I'm not obsessed, you just don't count...and it's my list. 😜