​We live in a world where people are constantly walking around in their own bubble. Thinking about their To-Do lists and worrying about their own problems. You see people with their eyes stuck on their phone screens, unaware of their surroundings. Surroundings full of opportunities and potential relationships.
  1. Eventually we grow insecure and lose confidence to straighten up and look into each other's eyes.
    You should set out to turn strangers into friends. ​​Here are 3 steps to create amazing connections:
  2. 1. Pull Them Into Your Life.
    Sometimes all you have to do is to lend a hand out. Literally, lend a hand out. Some people might feel scared, anxious, or unwelcomed. So lend a hand out and pull them into your life. Pull them into your group of friends and make them feel welcomed. We all have had the awkward moment where you feel like an outsider. You don’t know how to relate and feel shy. Notice when people are going through these emotions and lend a hand out.
  3. 2. Understand Them.
    You should seek to understand their point of view, and their way of experiencing life. When someone is sharing their thoughts and experiences with you, nothing makes them feel more understood than your eye contact. People will care about you, because you care about them and what they have to say. Ask the right questions. Find out about their childhood, and their aspirations.
  4. 3. Be Of Interest.
    ​To be interesting you must know what’s up. What’s up around your community, what’s up with your social circle, etc. If nothing is up, create your own events, invite people to do things. To go for a walk somewhere cool. To party, to explore, to hang out, to run, to take pictures, to make memories.
  5. Now that you know how to turn strangers into friends. It's time to go out and do it.
    If you live your life waiting to be loved, love will come and go. But if you create love wherever you go, it will always be abundant.
  6. Reccomended Books:
    - "The Like Switch" - By Jack Schafer, - "How To Talk To Anyone" - By Leil Lowndes, - "Compelling People" - By John Neffinger & Matthew Kohut, - "How To Win Friends And Influence People" - By Dale Carnegie​