Here are some skills you can use to improve your day to day life.
  1. Read body language.
    Your body communicates your true feelings and intentions to the world. Bring able to read subtle behavioral changes in others allows you to predict the future with plenty of time to prepare for it. It allows you to understand how someone is truly feeling and gives you an upper hand in social interactions.
  2. Control body language.
    Controlling your body language asked you to communicate with others in a subconscious level. It allows you to attract others to speak to you at a dinner party without saying a word. If your body language makes others feel welcomed, they will come. Controlling your body language also allows you to alter your emotional state. Which in turn opens up new and personalities within yourself.
  3. Controlling guilty pleasures
    We all have bad habits. From overeating, smoking, drinking too much, etc. Being able to understand what triggers your guilty pleasures is necessary to stop indulging in the misbehavior. Once you understand your triggers, you can start eliminating then from your environments. - If you overeat, you can start by removing unhealthy foods from your pantry. - If you smoke is triggered by others smoking around you, you can start distancing yourself from your smoking friends.
  4. Self-Talk
    Self talk is the connection between your imagination and reality. You can create action plans based on your dreams/goals which only you envision. Self talk allows you to understand your deeper desires. Being able to engage in self talk lets you alter your own beliefs, views, and re frame your situations.
  5. Reading
    Reading opens up loud of new possibilities. It lets you learn from other's experiences and improve your own life in many ways possible. It creates discipline. By setting a time window where all you do is read though boring pages to grasp the most influential and enriching concepts of life. All of the sudden, all those boring pages actually have meaning.
  6. Writing
    Write your own experiences, your lessons, your mistakes. Learn from your life and write it down for someone special to read. Writing helps you sort out your life. Just like self talk, but officially written down. It helps you organize your ideas and concepts into chunks. It improves your thinking.
  7. Socialize
    We are constantly walking around in our own bubble. Our eyes stuck on or phone screens, unaware of our surroundings. Surroundings full of opportunities and potential relationships. Eventually we grow insecure and lose confidence to straighten up and look into each other's eyes.