How do you take the concept of integrity and turn it into something practical you can apply in your life? I believe these 'Five Rules of Integrity' will help you do exactly that and make a positive impact on everyone you meet.
  1. Stick to your commitments to others
    When you make a commitment to somebody else, stick to it. If, for any reason, you can't deliver as promised, keep them informed and updated. Don't wait for them to chase you. If you let it drop, pick it up and apologise, however embarrassed that makes you feel and make it right.
  2. Stick to your commitments to yourself
    When you make a commitment to yourself, stick to it. If you hit a bump in the road, revisit that commitment and remind yourself why you made it and why it was important to you.
  3. Mean what you say
    Don't make a commitment if you don't mean it, if it doesn't align with your values or if you haven't fully bought in to your reasons for doing so. Don't just say 'yes' to be polite.
  4. Communicate your commitments
    Reaffirm what you have said you will achieve by telling other people, whether stakeholders in what you said you will do or, if the commitment is to yourself, people who you know will hold you accountable and keep you honest.
  5. Stay relevant
    Review your commitments regularly to make sure that they are still relevant, aligned to your core values and that you are still focused on meeting them.
  6. Static