Probably a huge disappointment to people attracted by the title but here's how I've spend the last 40 hours
  1. Had dinner with some 'Cool Women'
    I was delighted to be invited to enjoy a delicious five-course feast at Bellora as the guest of the women's network Cool Women. Of course, there's no such thing as a free meal, so a ten minute presentation formed part of the evening. But a small price to pay for excellent company and far too much food and wine.
  2. Looked down on the world
    Yesterday morning (and first thing this morning) was spent in my hotel's rather luxurious spa, including an open air pool jutting precariously out from the 20th floor and complete with a glass floor and jet streams to swim through.
  3. Encouraged Swedes to network the right way
    The main purpose of my trip was a 70 minute presentation to the West of Sweden Chamber of Commerce members as part of their International Week to celebrate the opening of their new offices.
  4. Enjoyed far too much fresh fish
    Seriously, go to Gothenburg and enjoy the seafood!
  5. Played peek-a-book with three toddlers in the queue to board the plane back
    Well, why wouldn't you?!